GEODA is a musical project by Facundo López, guitarist and vocalist from Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina. It is not easy to define the style of GEODA, but we could place it within the genres of melodic and/or technical Death Metal, not far from Thrash Metal, and with some progressive dyes.

The project materializes in 2012 when Facundo, without a stable band at that time, decides to hire Federico Mele (drummer) and Andres Zadunaisky (bass), both from Buenos Aires, to record 12 tracks for his debut album "Firebreak" Which has had very good impact nationally and internationally.
GEODA sought here musicality and expression with a raw and organic sound, concepts that also define the lyrics, that relate social and personal issues with the environment, the search for an awakening, and the attempt to break the shackles of a dystopian world to which we are approaching.


In 2015 and 2016 GEODA made live gigs in different cities of Argentina, including Buenos Aires, with Leandro Ulecia in bass and "Punky" Condorí in drums, both also from Bariloche.

Facundo is currently working on the pre-production for a new album, and in search of sessionists for bass and drums. He hopes to have the definitive album this 2017. The demos of the 11 songs that the new album will contain can be downloaded HERE


The concept of "organic" that we arbitrarily took to define our style and that is today widely known for its application in agriculture, has its foundations in the production methods that care for the environment and the human health, where natural and sustainable processes are used and where the synthetic products, chemicals, genetically modified seeds, etc., are avoided

We believe that the "Metal" genre has increasingly industrialized. The audio, the contents and the musical creation in most of the bands has been standardized and aesthetic have been prioritized. We do not intend to be machines although we seek for depth and complexity in our music. We want you to hear what is true. Back to the roots to enjoy what’s real, although that’s far from the perfection that the current music market requires, a delusory perfection usually achieved by the abuse of editing tools and digital technology. We have been dragged by a system that shaped our tastes. GEODA doesn’t want to "blow your mind" in the first second, we want you to feel our music gaining connection gradually. We want that what we say and play to echo in the heart first and then the mind to achieve a deep and long-lasting relationship.