July 14, 2018

New album 2018

After recording 11 demo songs for the new record, with midi drums and bass, Facundo started to search for new musicians for the definitive recording. He wanted an album at a higher level than "Firebreak", but living in Bariloche, this small town in southern Argentina, seemed to be an obstacle again. Nevertheless, due to a rare conicidence (?) Facundo met a few years ago a french musician called Boris Choquet that lives now in Bariloche as well, and he was the bassist of a french band where Dirk Verbeuren played some years ago and they were still good friends! After listening to Firebreak in 2014, Boris sent the album to Dirk, who liked it very much. So when Facundo asked him a couple years later to record the new album's drums he accepted instantly. They both met personally in Buenos Aires in 2017 and Dirk suggested Steve Di Giorgio, good friend of him, for the bass role. Steve accepted as well, not only because he liked the songs, but he felt identified with the "organic" concept of the project as well. The variety and character of each song will be defining a unique album, creative, complex, catchy and visceral. This record will be released before the end of 2018.




April 22nd, 2017

"Punky" and Leo left the band before pre-production for new album 2017.

After two years in Geoda, our dear friends “Punky” and Leo have decided to take a step aside. We are close to record a new album and the lack of time and other personal issues don’t allow them to contribute with the dedication and hard working that the band requires at this time.
The intention is to record in this 2017, and almost certainly the drum and bass parts of the album will be resolved by session musissians.

It is almost certain that there will be no live performances of Geoda in the next months, but Punky and Leo are still operational to the band if any important date may come up. So Wacken and Hellfest do not be discouraged with this news!

We know that shaping a band professionally from a small town and far from other major cities is not easy. Distance doesn’t allow to do frequent shows, this music genre demands lots of hard working and rehearsals, quality equipment is required, you must always spend money from your pocket, the economical retribution in the Under scene is almost none, and having an unbreakable passion and uninterested perseverance is a must.

The demo for this new album is finished (11 songs). And can be free downloaded from "Audio" section.



October 14th, 2015

Geoda pre-selected to play with Opeth in Buenos Aires June 18

Geoda was chosen among other 10 bands to be the opening act for Opeth in Buenos Aires next 18 june.

The public will choose only one winner voting HERE.

We need your vote! Thanks


October 14th, 2015

New band members 2015

After several years of unsuccesful search for musicians to form a stable band, finally Facundo recruited "Punky" Condorí, a very talented drummer also from Bariloche, with strong influences from Jazz, prog and Djent.

At the same time Leandro Ulecia -bass- re-joined Facundo's project after sharing stages between 2009 and 2011 when they impose their names in the local scene.


From beginnings of 2015 they started to rehearse "Firebreak" songs. There's also new material and they'll start soon to do some live presentations.


March 5th, 2015

New CD edition of "Firebreak"

We made a new edition of Firebreak! Simpler (and less handcrafted) than the Promo Boxset release. You can get it through this website or you can keep downloading it for free, or buy it on Itunes if you can and want to help us. Thanks!


October 4th, 2014

Contract with Plastic Head Distribution through Candlelight Records

Plastic Head Distribution, a Leading UK distributor of metal and one of the biggest in Europe, through Candlelight Records the label that edited the first three Opeth's albums and has nowadays bands as Emperor, Pestilence and Corrosion of Conformity, will do the digital distribution of our debut album Firebreak. The album will be available for purchase in Itunes and other major music download stores. That's why Firebreak will be available for free download in this site for just a few more days. We hope you support the band and purchase the physical or digital album through any of our distributors.

May 17, 2014

Our debut album to be distributed by Icarus Music Argentina!

A few days ago Facundo met in Buenos Aires with Carlos Zarate, owner of Icarus Music, the largest distributor of metal music in Argentina, who showed interest in the band and now "Firebreak" is part of their catalog. We appreciate their support at our beginnings and we ask those who have downloaded the album from our site and enjoy our music to purchase the physical edition so we can go forward and give more and better music in the future.

The distribution through Icarus will be exclusive to the Argentine territory and you can buy this limited edition from this


April 18, 2014


Now available a physical edition of "Firebreak" for promo and sell. It will be a limited edition of 300 cd's, to be sent as promo to labels, distributors and for online sales.

It consists of an exclusively designed hexagonal MDF box, a 6-sheet booklet with lyrics and CD. Amazing!


August 21, 2013

GEODA's debut album: "FIREBREAK"

We are very happy and proud to announce that our first album "Firebeak" is finished and available for free download from our website (AUDIO section).

The process began in 2012 recording drums and bass at La Nave de Oseberg Studios, Buenos Aires. Guitars and vocals were recorded as also mixing in Bariloche, in GPM studio by the engineer Gabriel Pirato Mazza and Facundo López, studio also owned by both. Then the album was mastered at Puro Mastering; one of the most important analog studios of Argentina, with which it was possible to define the final sound we were looking for: raw, vintage and rough, without losing dynamics, as often happens in mastering that seeks the maximum volume level through over-compression and often kills the life and musicality of recordings.